Plastic Plague Series

For these are not remnants of a heroic age,
but middens of a culture of distraction and disposability.
They are mundane, trivial, unnecessary — and fatal.
         – philosopher Hannah Arendt

Convinced that petroleum-based plastics represent serious threats to the environment, wildlife and human health, I draw on my scientific training to translate recent research findings about plastics into something hopefully informative and palatable to the public.

This original 12 articles in this series appeared in Vall-E-Vents, the newsletter for the San Fernando Valley Chapter of the Sierra Club. More recent articles concerning plastics have appeared in various environmental magazines & newsletters and in local southern California newspapers.

Oct-17: Plastic Ocean Pollution a Driver of Climate Change?
May-16: A Twofer: Carbon Tax Solves Both Climate Change and Plastic Ocean Pollution
Apr-15: Tide Turning Against Plastic Microbeads in Toiletries

May-14: Youthful Skin Comes at Cost to Ocean Food Web

Nov-13: BPA Regulatory Reform Moves Glacially Slow
May-13: Mid-Ocean Plastics Cleanup Schemes: Too Little Too Late?
Mar-13: Plastics-Free Living: Beyond the Low Hanging Fruit
Feb-13: Chemicals in Plastics Foster Diseases Passed on to Future Generations
Jan-13: Plastic Debris Delivers Triple Toxic Whammy, Ocean Study Shows

Oct-12: Bioplastics: Are They the Solution?
Jul-12: Are Plastics Making America Fatter?
May-12: BPA Newly Linked to Human Infertility
Apr-12: L.A. City Leaps Aboard Plastic Bag Ban Wagon

Nov-11: Greening Laundry Day: Avoid Polyester Fabrics
Aug-11: Huntington Beach Next City to Ban Plastic Bags?
Jun-11: Curb Exposure to BPA and Phthalate Through Diet
Mar-11: “BPA-Free” Label No Guarantee That Plastics Are Safe
Jan-11: BPA Chemical Lookalike Potentially More Risky

Dec-10: Beverages Bottled in PET Plastic Maybe Not Safe to Drink
Mar-10: Serving plastics for dinner? Unhealthy and Avoidable

Sep-09: Toy Buyer Beware
Aug-09: Fewer Toxins in Toyland
Jul-09: So You Like That “New Car Smell?” Think again.

Jun-08: Zero Waste! Let’s Get Out of This Dump
Feb-08: The Polystyrene Ban Wagon: Laguna Beach Will Require Biodegradable Eating       Utensils
Nov-08: Hot Beverage Cups Go Green

Oct-07: Toxins in Toyland: A Scientist’s Timely Caveat Emptor
Mar-07: All That Shines Is Not Gold

Nov-06: San Francisco Nixes Plastic Toxins
Jul-06: Breaking Our Addiction to Plastics
Mar-06: Can Bioplastics Save Us?
Feb-06: Plastics Damaging To Health: Fetuses and Children Particularly at Risk
Jan-06: Plastics — an Unhealthy Habit?

Nov-05: Thirsty Californians Trash the State
Nov-05: Is Bottled Water Really Safer? Billions of Plastic Bottles Harm the Environment
Sep-05: Plastics in the Food Chain
Jul-05: Plastics for Dinner
May-05: The Plastics Plague: From a “fix it” to a “throw away” society

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