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Thank you for stopping by Boogie Green. This site is a compendium of published writings by Sarah (Steve) Mosko, Ph.D. on contemporary environmental issues.

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Below, the articles are listed in alphabetical order by title and original date of publication.

Advertising: Are You Buying It? (Apr-12)
All That Shines Is Not Gold (Mar-07)
Are Plastics Making America Fatter? (Jul-12)


A Beef About Beef (Jul-08, Aug-07)
Better Food Choices Get Better Results in Global Warming Battle (Aug-08)
Beverages Bottled in PET Maybe Not Safe to Drink (Dec-10)
Bioplastics: Are They the Solution? (Oct-12)
BPA Chemical Lookalike Potentially More Risky
BPA-Free Label No Guarantee Plastics Are Safe (Mar-11)
BPA Newly Linked to Human Infertility (May-12)
Breaking Our Addiction to Plastics (Jul-06)
Buddy, can’t spare a dime for the environment? (Oct-10)

Bureaucratic Red Tape Casts Dark Cloud Over California’s Million Solar Roof Initiative (Sep-08)

Can Bioplastics Save Us? (Feb-07)
Catch the Green Wave (May-09)
Catch the Green Surfing Wave (Apr-09)
Chemicals in Plastics Foster Diseases Passed on to Future Generations (Feb-13)
Creating Refuge One Backyard at a Time (Jun-09)
Curb Exosure to BPA and Phthalate Through Diet (Jun-11)

Dark Cloud Over Solar (Sep-08)
Debranding Movement Takes on Consumerism (Jun-12) 
The Dirt on Laundry Detergents (Jul-08)
Disneyland Boasts Eco-Friendly Policies: But could it be doing more? (Jan-09; Dec-08)
Distress Calls from the Ocean (Jan-08, Jan-07)
Divorce: More Hot Air; Can your marriage save the planet? (Oct-08)
Driving on Sunshine (Apr-07)

The Ecology of Loving and Leaving Your Cell Phone (Jan-09)
Epigenetics: Revolutionary New Spin on Nature Versus Nuture (Oct-11)

Fewer Toxins in Toyland (Aug-09)
Firefighters Back Ban on Flame Retardants
Food Labeling Controversies (Jun-09)
From a “fix it” to a “throw away” society (May-05)

Gov. Schwarzenegger’s Latest Scorecard on the Environment? Mixed As Usual (Jan-09)
Gov. Schwarzenegger earns mixed reviews (Jan-09)
Grabbing Some Rays or Solar Made Simple (Sep-07)
Green Endings – A Better Way to Go (Nov-07)
Greening Laundry Day (Nov-11)

Hot Beverage Cups Go Green (Nov-07)
Human Activity Ushers in New Geologic Epoch (Feb-16)
Human Population: The Elephant in the Room (Sept-09)
Huntington Beach Next City to Ban Plastic Bags? (Aug-11)

Is Bottled Water Safer?
(May-07; Nov-05)
Is ‘Cruelty-Free Cheese’ an Oxymoron? (Mar-11)

Is Eating Organic Worth It? (May-10)

Is Your Coffee Green (Jan-08)
Is Your Drinking Water Safe? (Apr-10)
Is Your God an Environmentalist? (Mar-12)

It’s No Bull (Jun-07)

LA’s Controversial Sewage Recycling Program (Jun-11)
L.A. Poised to Jump Aboard Plastic Bag Ban Wagon (Apr-12)
Low-Carbon Footprint Camping (Jul-10)

Meat Lovers Guide to a Friendlier Climate-Change Diet (Jul-11)

No Such Thing as a Green Lawn

Occupy This Book (Jan-12)
The Ocean Cries Out (Mar-07)

The Plastic Plague (Dec-06)
Plastic Debris Delivers Triple Toxic Whammy, Ocean Study Shows (Jan-13)
Plastic Plague Series
Plastics — An Unhealthy Habit? (Jan-06)
Plastics Damaging To Health (Mar-06)
Plastics for Dinner (Jul-05)
Plastics-Free Living: Beyond the Low Hanging Fruit (Mar-13)
Plastics in the Food Chain (Sep-05)
The Polystyrene Ban Wagon (Feb-08)
Potted Plants Ease Indoor Air Pollution (May-08)

Risky Nanotechnology (Apr-09)

San Francisco Nixes Plastic Toxins (Nov-06)
Saving Wildlife Habitat (Sep-08)
Serving Plastics for Dinner? (Mar-10)

Sleepless Nights (Mar-08)
So You Like That “New Car Smell?” – Think Again (May-06, Jul-09)
Solar Energy Made Simple: How technology uses the sun’s power (Sep-07)
Soyfood Industry’s Not-So-Healthy Secret (Mar-11)

Stay Married to Stay Green (Oct-08)
Suburban Habitat Restoration: One Backyard at a Time
(Sep-08, Jul-09)
Surf City Earns Energy “Smarter City” Status (Aug-10)

The Poop on Biosolids (May-11)
The Stuff of the American Energy Footprint (Nov-10)
Thirsty Californians Trash the State (Nov-05)
Time to Air Your Clean Laundry in Public (Jul-11)
Top Ten Potted Plants for Eliminating Indoor Air Pollution (Aug-09)
Toy Buyer Beware (Nov-09)
Toxic Flame Retardants (Apr-08)
Toxins in Toyland: A Scientist’s Timely Caveat Emptor (Dec-07)
Toxic Toys (Oct-07)
The Truth Behind Recyclable Plastics (Aug-05)
Trust in Chemicals Unhealthy:  U.S. Can Learn From European Union (Aug-07)

Water Down the Drain: SoCal Squanders Precious Rainfall (Jan-11)
A Wave of Green Hits Surfing Industry (Feb-09)
What are We Feeding Fido, and Why? (Feb-14)
What My Solar Roof Taught Me: Knowledge Really Does = Power (Jun-09, Jul-07, May-07)
What Smells About Ethanol Fuel (Jul-07)
With 100 ‘Energy Servants’ Each, Americans Share Blame in Gulf Oil Spill (June-10)

Zero Waste (Jun-08)

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